Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Tuesday 15th

I'm enjoying looking at other blogs so I'm going to try and keep one myself.

I'm spending my days setting up the background to start my own business (in a small way) from home. I'm working on increasing my stock of handmade cards and looking into going to craft fairs, boot sales etc in the local area. My real passion is teaching craft to anyone who will listen so I'm trying to arrange some workshops where I live. I've had to give up going out to work due to ill health so I'm giving it a go........... being my own boss! If anyone reads this from the Newport area of South Wales let me know. I'd love to meet fellow crafters locally. I'm concentrating on making childrens cards at the moment as I've realised that my crafting has become quite adult orientated without me realising it. I find that making a card for a child is a lot more challenging than for an adult. Anyone else feel the same way? I'm off to make a cuppa and get down to some serious crafting. Lyngo x

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